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Five Steps to your Dream Job

In these economically troubled times it may seem ambitious trying to seek out a dream job, but then again if you are not ambitious what hope do you have of finding one?

Millions of people throughout the world are doing their dream job right now and loving it, so don’t hesitate to look out for yourself and to be ambitious, because that is the first step in the road to success.

Five Steps to your Dream Job

Five Steps to your Dream Job

Here are five steps that could help you to get your dream job, starting with the one we have already mentioned:

1) Be ambitious

Without ambition you have no chance of getting your dream job, but then again having a dream is the start of ambition. So, don’t be afraid to be ambitious and to aim for the stars –  perhaps even literally if you want to be an astronaut.

2) Know what you want

Knowing what you want in a job is not always easy but there are ways to discover the kind of thing you want to do. Think about what you value and life and then which jobs could offer this to you. If you love the great outdoors and hate being cooped up in an office then perhaps you should be a park ranger, or a lockkeeper.

3) Use your skills

Balance your dreams with your real skills and consider what you would be really good at. This will help you decide what it is you want and help you get that job if you already possess the right set of skills.

4) Do it for the right reasons

Pursuing a job for money alone is rarely a path to happiness, so make sure you are pursuing a position because it will fulfill you, challenge you and because you think it will make you happy. These are the things that really matter.

5) Be confident

Once you have decided what it is you want to do, don’t be afraid to go for it. Be confident and speak to people who might be able to help, who work in your dream industry. They will probably be happy to help. And be confident that you are the right person for the job in interviews. Even if you are nervous, fake confidence and soon you will feel it and know that you are the right candidate – and hopefully the interviewer will see this too.

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Working Abroad After Graduation

As jobs become harder and harder to find, many graduates are beginning to look abroad to find work. Increasingly, more exotic destinations are becoming popular, because they offer a complete shift in lifestyle, culture and climate, while having excellent job prospects for well-qualified graduates. These are some of the most popular locations:

Japan is a great place for native English speakers to become English teachers. There is high demand for such skills, as the country encourages future generations to be able to speak the language.

Working Abroad After Graduation

Working Abroad After Graduation

Visas can be obtained under certain schemes, though applicants generally have to have a good financial history. Be aware that the cost of living in Japan is notoriously high.

Singapore is already a world centre for business, and as such, there are many US and UK companies that have offices there. For this reason, there are a wide range of positions available in various industries. Again, visas are usually obtained through work programmes, and will entitle you to work for a period of around 6 months. The cost of living isn’t as high as in Japan, but rent can be expensive.

Hong Kong is very different from the rest of China, and is far more westernised. Despite this, work is very difficult to find if you cannot speak Cantonese fluently. Jobs are well-paid, but you will face competition from both Chinese and overseas graduates. Media is one of the emerging industries, and you can search for PR jobs in Hong Kong @

If you are looking to work abroad, then you should make yourself as employable as possible. Better qualified individuals will always find jobs easier to find, and being able to speak the language is always a bonus, and often essential. Always do thorough research before targeting a specific location. It’s important to remember that a lot of initial visas will only permit you to work for a certain time period; you have to prove to an employer that you’re worth a permanent job. If you remember this, then there’s no reason you can’t find your dream job abroad.

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